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Shanghai Restoration Project

Shanghai Restoration Project
contemporary electronic music


The Shanghai Restoration Project is a contemporary electronic music band formed by Chinese-American producer Dave Liang. The group's first eponymous release, inspired by the Shanghai jazz bands of the 1930s, combines traditional Chinese instruments with modern hip-hop and electronica. The release gained recognition globally, rising to the top 10 in several electronic charts, including Amazon, iTunes, and MSN Music. The first track from the debut album, "Introduction" was selected as the theme song for a worldwide TV advertising campaign for Kenzo Parfums (division of Louis Vuitton) in early 2007. Other tracks have been featured in promotional campaigns for Microsoft, Rhapsody, TiVo, and SanDisk. In 2007, SRP partnered with China Records to release Remixed and Restored, a project remixing select classic Chinese hits from 1930s Shanghai. The group is currently signed to Warner Music's Independent Label Group.

# Miss Shanghai : The Shanghai Restoration Project /Undercover Culture Music: January 2. 2006

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Alex Gaudino

Alex Gaudino


Alessandro (Alex) Fortunato Gaudino is an Italian DJ, who generally fits into the genre of italo.

Gaudino has at the start of 2007 released the single Destination Calabria. It is a mashup of music and vocals. The mashup contains the catchy saxophone sound from the 2003 track Calabria, originally made by Danish DJ Rune RK, also known as Artificial Funk. And the vocals are taken from Crystal Waters' track of 2004 called Destination Unknown.

Alex Gaudino is also known as a member in the trio Lil' Love.
He confirmed in an interview for Fresh 40 in the United Kingdom that his new album called "My Destination" will be released later in 2008.


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born 1976 Paris, France


He has been surrounded by music, his parents introducing him to the world of music as a young child with the mini night club installed in the basement by his Father as a big initiating factor.

He dropped his synth classes after just a few lessons. Following sheet music wasn’t really his thing, he wanted to create! He then discovered the 8bits mono sampling on his old Amiga 500 at the beginning of the 90’s. He got a hundred or so songs out of that old computer. In 1996, he bought his first machine, a Groovebox MC-303, which he traded pretty quickly for a good sampler and small analog synths.

He dropped his synth classes after just a few lessons. Following sheet music wasn’t really his thing, he wanted to create! He then discovered the 8bits mono sampling on his old Amiga 500 at the beginning of the 90’s. He got a hundred or so songs out of that old computer. In 1996, he bought his first machine, a Groovebox MC-303, which he traded pretty quickly for a good sampler and small analog synths.
While having too many influences to name them all, he mainly listens to French electro music, lots of disco and funk with a small preference for Italian disco from the 80’s.He recalls his first live experience of 40 minutes at the Divan du Monde (Paris)on the 23rd of May, 2001, as a cool experience.

At the beginning of 2004, first signature at Serial Records, for an EP “To You” and success is there! The second “Smashing Music” will follow the same way…
2005, new single, hot hit, “I’ll Be There” is placed in the charts, the year finished well with a collaboration under the name Serial Crew (Mathieu Bouthier/Muttonheads/Demon Ritchie) and the single “Need U”! The future will be the occasion to discover new original titles, remixes, and an album planned for 2006 if all is well!

#Make your own kind of music

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born 1972 USA


Kaskade moved to Salt Lake City in 1992 to attend the University of Utah. During this time he owned and operated a local record store, Mechanized Records. In May 2000, Kaskade moved to San Francisco and began working as an A&R assistant for Om Records. Releasing his first single "What I Say" on the label in 2001.

In The Moment saw Kaskade's first top 10 single with "Steppin' Out" reaching #5 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot Dance Club Play chart and #6 on Dance Radio Airplay. The fourth single to be released from the album, "Everything," reached #1 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot Dance Club Play.
Kaskade's fourth solo album Love Mysterious was released in September 2006. The first single from the album, "Be Still", reached #4 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot Dance Club Play. The single features vocalist Sunsun, and includes remixes by Jay-J and Robbie Rivera. Follow up single "Stars Align" hit number #8 on "Billboard Magazine" Hot Dance Airplay chart and just missed the top ten, #11, on the Hot Dance Club Play chart. His third single released from "Love Mysterious", "Sorry", was his third consecutive top ten hit on Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay Chart, at #9. Dirty South provided a remix for "Sorry." The remix has been nominated for a 2008 Grammy for Best Remixed Recording. Although unconfirmed, many people believe that he may have taken his name from the Detroit band the Kaskades, who broke up in late 2006.Upon signing with Ultra Records in late 2006, Kaskade subsequently left OM Records and now only releases with the former.

Most recently Kaskade has worked with Canadian house/electronic DJ/artist: "Deadmau5", to help produce some tracks on Strobelite Seduction. Including the first single, released as an EP, Move For Me.



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Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz
born 1976 Stockholm, Sweden


Call on Me is a house music track based on a re-recorded sample of Steve Winwood's song "Valerie". Winwood collaborated with Prydz on the song by re-recording his vocals. The original version of "Call on Me" was initially mistaken as a release by Together (a collaboration between Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon), due to Falcon's use of the song in DJ sets and an advance pressing credited to Falcon and Bangalter.

The song reached number 1 in the UK Singles Chart at a time when the chart was experiencing low sales, due to the CD single facing increasing popularity from the digital download which at the time was not an eligible format in the chart. Until January 2005, Eric Prydz held the record for selling the lowest number of singles for a number-one chart position in the UK in any particular week: "Call on Me" sold 23,519 copies when it returned to the top of the charts on October 17, 2004. This record was broken once again by himself only a week later on October 24, 2004, with the single selling 21,749 copies that week. Nevertheless, it was the fourth biggest selling single of 2004 in the UK, selling 335,000 copies that year - including a DVD single with the uncut video - and staying five weeks at number-one on the UK Singles Chart, the longest run of any single that year.

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Sheffield, England UK

Gez Varley
Mark Bell
[DJ Martin Williams]


LFO is an English techno act on the Warp Records label. LFO were pioneers of the bass-heavy techno music of the late 1980s to mid-1990s. Originally, the group was comprised of Gez Varley and Mark Bell. LFO is now Bell alone.
The group's name is derived from the abbreviation for the term low-frequency oscillation, a synthesis technique widely used in electronic music.

Varley and Bell met while studying at Leeds and gave their first track, the eponymous "LFO", to Nightmares on Wax. The popularity of the demo in clubs led to the track being released by the Sheffield-based Warp Records in 1990, and it was a Top 20 hit in the U.K., reaching number 12 in the singles charts.

Their follow-up single, "We Are Back", was released in the summer of 1991.
DJ Martin (Martin Williams) is credited as a cowriter and coproducer of the track "LFO" but was not a member of the group.


#01.Summer Girls

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since 1978 Birmingham,UK

# Chrissie Hynde
# Maxi Priest
# Afrika Bambaataa
# Robert Palmer
# Lady Saw
# Hunterz
# The Dhol Blasters


The band members began as friends who knew each other from various colleges and schools across Birmingham. The name "UB40" was selected in reference to a paper form issued by the UK government's Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS) at the time of the band's formation for claiming unemployment benefit. The designation UB40 stood for Unemployment Benefit, Form 40.

d0079151_1533736.jpgBefore any of them could play their instruments, Ali Campbell and Brian Travers travelled around Birmingham promoting the band, putting up UB40 posters. The band purchased its first instruments from Woodroffe's Musical Instruments with £4,000 in compensation money that Campbell, who would become the lead singer, received after a bar fight during his 17th birthday celebration. Their first gig took place on February 9, 1979 at The Hare & Hounds Pub in Kings Heath, Birmingham for a friend's birthday party.

UB40 caught their first break when Chrissie Hynde noticed them at a pub and gave them an opportunity as a support act to her band, The Pretenders. UB40's first single, "King"/"Food for Thought" was released on Graduate Records, a local independent label run by David Virr. It reached No. 4 on the UK Singles Chart. Their first album was titled Signing Off, as the band were signing off from or closing their claim on the unemployment benefit. It was recorded in a bedsit in Birmingham and was produced by Bob Lamb. Norman Hassan said of the recording: "if you stripped my track down, you could hear the birds in the background." This is because his tracks were recorded outside in the garden. Signing Off was released on September 6, 1980, and entered the UK Albums Chart on October 2, 1980. It reached as high as No. 2 in the UK and spent 72 weeks in total on the chart. Signing Off is now a Platinum album. Despite great success in the UK, UB40's popularity in the United States was only established after they released Labour of Love, an album of cover songs, in 1983. The album reached No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart and No. 8 on the Billboard Top 200 in the US. The album featured the song, "Red Red Wine", a cover version of a Neil Diamond song (in an arrangement similar to that of Tony Tribe's version).
Their most successful worldwide single release is the cover of the Elvis Presley ballad "(I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You" which was the main title to the 1993 Sharon Stone movie Sliver and was a number one hit across Europe and in the U.S..



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Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan
born 1968 Melbourne

Producer : Pete Waterman
Label : PWL

website: www.jasondonovan.org.uk

German Fansite:

Bergian Fansite:

Jason Sean Donovan is an Australian actor and singer. In the UK, he has sold in excess of 3 million records, where his debut album Ten Good Reasons was the highest selling album of 1989 with sales of over 1.5 million copies. He has also had four UK no.1 singles, one of which was "Especially for You", his 1988 duet with Kylie Minogue. In more recent years, he has mainly worked as a leading man in stage musicals in the UK.His father is Terence Donovan, also a well-known Australian actor who also appeared in Neighbours as Doug Willis, and his mother is Sue McIntosh. His half-sister is former Neighbours star Stephanie McIntosh. Donovan attended the De La Salle College, Malvern. His partner since 1997 and the mother of his children is Angela Malloch, former stage manager. He has two children, a daughter, Jemma (born 28 March 2000) and a son, Zach (born 23 March 2001).


He made his first television appearance at the age of eleven on the Australian series Skyways,which also featured later co-star Kylie Minogue. He also featured in I Can Jump Puddles before reaching fame in Neighbours as the second incarnation of the character Scott Robinson. His character's most notable story arc was as part of the Scott and Charlene couple. In 1987 he won his first Logie Award for "Best new Talent" in 1987 and received a commendation in the category "Performance by a Male Actor In a Series" from the Television Society of Australia’s Penguin Awards. In 1988 he was awarded the ‘Silver Logie’ for the "Most Popular Actor."
After leaving Neighbours in 1988, Donovan signed a recording contract with Mushroom Records. His first single "Nothing Can Divide Us" reached number five in the UK, number one in Hong Kong and Japan, and the top 40 in several other countries.

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