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Mail reached from Mr. Studak the other day. How about you these days and the business of Tokyo? ..and more.
Because the promise to improve to the blog by the reply mail was done because I was very very glad, it writes immediately.
He is a president of the design office "Universaldesignstudio" in London.
It called in the interview when sending my CV two years ago.
A top image is an office that felt nervous by me and was obstructed...(It borrowed from the website.)

The application permission of the work par mitt did not descend from a British government, and it was not possible to go to Britain though the notification of appointment was received.

It gives it, and Mr. Studak tells apologizing, and gives mail at casual time afterwards.
Because the work par mitt is what for the company applies to the country, and has the level of the company as one of the reasons why permission doesn't descend.

Mr. Studak said that he was not no level his company still admitted...
The insufficient one is my power. Writing in applications my is academic background and business careers.
How to accept is also quite different in the special school graduate and the university graduate. When it was necessary to enter college neatly as steady father said, it regretted for the first time.
The grade of a national qualification in Japan was also insufficient.
However, I will absolutely realize the desire as doing once because of mortifying.
Then I am to our regret painful in the city named Tokyo in Japan now. It is because the card that I need now becomes complete here.

Moreover, it goes suddenly to go to a different place some time. Fly to Barcelona.
It is later for ten years, and might is tomorrow. might. I am selfish and free in such a way.

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