CC01 House

CC01 House
2006 Columbia county,NY,USA

Architect: Leven Batts Studio

Project Team - David Leven, Stella Betts, Tim Furzer, Jonathan Man, Andrew Feuerstein. Rachel Chaos

This 2000 sf house is located on 8 acres of farm land in Columbia County,NY. The linear ratterns of farming that preexisted the project set the forms and programmatic organization of the house and landscape. The design follows the direction and module of the crop lines that are still created by the machinery used to work the land.

These lines then became markings on the siding of the house and paving patterns of the patios. Other components of the house such as the kitchen counter and the outdoor BBQ counter also follow the linear pattern of the landscape becoming elongated hovering volumes.

wrriten by Leven Betts Studio : website


Interior View Kitchen and Dining Room + Upstairs Study Bed Room and Bath Roomd0079151_2164862.jpgd0079151_2171381.jpg

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