International Port Terminal
1996-2002 Yokohama,Japan

Gross external floor area: 438,243 m2
Competition First Prize: 1995
Consruction start: 2000 / Completed: 2002

Client: The City of Yokohama Port & Harbour Bureau Construction Department, Osanbashi Passenger Vessel Terminal Maintenance Subdivision

Architect: Foreign Office Architects


d0079151_21362376.gifThe brief of the Yokohama International Port Terminal asked for the articulation of a passenger cruise terminal and a mix of civic facilities for the use of citizens in one building. d0079151_21392681.gif
The site had a pivotal role along the city's water front that, if declared a public space, would present Yokohama City with a continuous structure of open public spaces along the waterfront. The project starts with what the architects have named as the "no-return pier", with the ambition to structure the precinct of the pier as a fluid, uninterrupted and multi-directional space, rather than a gateway to flows of fixed orientation.



A series of programmatically specific interlocking circulation loops allow the architects to subvert the traditional linear and branching structure characteristic of the building. Rather than developing the building as an object or figure on the pier, the project is produced as an extension of the urban ground, constructed as a systematic transformation of the lines of the circulation diagram into a folded and bifurcated surface. These folds produce covered surfaces where the different parts of the program can be hosted.


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