Bruder Klaus Chapel

Bruder Klaus Chapel
2007 Wachendrf,Germany

Architect: Peter Zumthor

I’ve always been a fan of the work of Peter Zumthor. And a recent article that I’ve read in Icon Magazine has reinvigorated the joy that I get in his work. This work in particular, the Bruder Klaus Chapel, has inspired me to go to souther Germany to see this work in person. Rarely do I want to make a pilgrimage to see architecture. It used to be that I would travel half way around the world to see work by Italian architect, Carlo Scarpa. Now, I feel that urge again. But with a kid on the way, I might have to wait several years to experience this building with my future son. But the closest thing to experiencing it comes from Danda’s fantastic Gallery of images from the chapel. I compel you to have a look.


by another29 | 2007-10-01 03:03 | □Architecture

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