Oliver payne & Nick relph

Oliver payne & NIck relph

+Oliver payne [born 1977 London]
+Nick Relph [1979 London]

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d0079151_2119424.jpgEdited by Rochelle Steiner. Essays by Matthias Connor, Matthew Higgs, Sarah McCrory, Tim Nash, Scott Portnoy and Ian Svenonius.

Bells and whistles beware, there's a new noisemaker in town: Oliver Payne and Nick Relph's new book--which is jacketed in the durable, stain-resistant patterned fabric of London Underground seat upholstery--rings like a cell phone when it is opened. In this fuzzy tome, published on the occasion of the artists' exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, London, Payne and Relph offer the first print transcripts of their 2004 films Driftwood, Gentlemen and Comma, Pregnant Pause, as well as their notes on 2005's Sonic the Warhol, which they call their most successful work because "The last album is always the best album." Their own writing is intermixed with pieces from a whole crowd of authors addressing topics that have inspired them and their work, including Matthias Connor on Scottish glam-rock; Tim Nash on riding the bus in London; and Ian Svenonius on the political history of drinking. An unconventional interview conducted by coordinating questions for the artists from 20 different individuals also appears, along with essays by Scott Portnoy and Rochelle Steiner, the Chief Curator at the Serpentine Gallery.

Gentlemen 2003 Video transfered onto a DVD 25 minutes

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