Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson
born 1962 America

Gregory Crewdson is a leading practitioner in the use of constructed models and staged events in photographic art, which blurs the distinction between reality and fiction. Focusing frequently on the American suburban landscape, his carefully composed and dramatically lit photographs present strangely disquieting views of everyday life that one critic has described as being like a “demented Norman Rockwell.”

Crewdson’s influences include his father who was a psychoanalyst, the classic cinematic devices used in science fiction/horror films, the straightforward realities of documentary photography, and the work of such contemporary photographers as Diane Arbus, William Eggleston, and Cindy Sherman.

Untitled (boy with hand in drain) 2001-2002 Digital print 121.9 x 152.4 cm. Edition 4/10 James Ely Fund, 2004

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