Piotr Uklanski

Piotr Uklanski
born 1968 Warsaw,Poland

lives and works in New York and Warsaw

Dance floor 1997 Part of Installation "The Shapes of Space" at Guggenheim Museum

Piotr Uklanski’s “Untitled (Dance Floor),” which is in fact a dance floor: an eye-popping grid of flashing light, colors and patterns synchronized to various pop tunes of the disco and rap variety. This work was better out in the world, in its original incarnation as the floor of Passerby, the bar Gavin Brown opened in the front part of his gallery when it was on West 15th Street. According to the label, “it radically subverts the normal functions and patterns of behavior” of the museum, which is to say that it contributes to a certain mall-like atmosphere. Still, it’s not often that you can look at a Mondrian while listening to Missy Elliott.

Flashing lights synchronized to rap and disco, was originally the floor of a gallery bar

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