Photographer's Gallery

Photographer's Gallery

5&8 Great New Port Street London WC2H 7HY


The Photographers' Gallery, the first independent gallery in Britain devoted to photography, was founded in 1971 at 8 Great Newport Street. This building now houses the Gallery's primary exhibition space and a bookshop. In 1980 the Gallery also moved into 5 Great Newport Street; initially rented, the freehold was purchased in 1986 thanks to a successful funding campaign.


The Gallery has developed a reputation as the UK's primary venue for contemporary photography. One of its major achievements has been to establish photography within a wide viewing public, making it more popular and accessible. The gallery was the first in the country to show key names in world photography such as André Kertesz, Jaques-Henri Lartigue and Irving Penn, and has been instrumental in encouraging the inclusion of photography in the programme of leading galleries and museums. An integrated programme of exhibitions and educational events continues to present the most innovative developments in photography as well as nurturing new talent.



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