Pavillon Sur le Burg

Pavillon Sur le Burg
2002 Brugge Belgium

Architect: Toyo Ito

The old city of Brugge was designated Cultural Capital of Europe 2002. As a symbol of the encounter between historical culture and contemporary culture in the context of town planning that strives for coexistence of history with the future, Toyo Itoh's pavilion was constructed in the Brugge city center.

As though suspended above a shallow circle of water in the ruins of the Roman-influenced cathedral, this eloquent pavilion abundant in contemporary sensibility has over time blended into the history of Brugge and now exerts a presence as one face of that city.The pavilion was originally conceived as a single-year project for Brugge's term as Cultural Capital of Europe during 2002, but as large numbers of its citizens called for it to last beyond this time, it was decided to preserve the pavilion into the future.

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